Orlando Shooting, Sandy Hook and Ben Ghazi – a pattern to the chaos

This morning I tuned into Glenn Beck, but filling in for him was Buck Sexton, a former navy seal and government agent. He said that during the Orlando gay club shooting, cops were on the scene immediately but were told to ‘stand down’, or hold positions, almost the entire time the shooter was active inside the club. According to the Orlando Sentinel, at 2:02, shots were reported inside the club, and by 2:04, one officer arrived at the scene. By 2:08, at least six police officers broke a large window and entered the nightclub. At 2:18, S.W.A.T. teams initiate a ‘full call out’. At 2:35 a.m. Officer Lemieux reports hearing fellow officer Cornwall report the cops have the shooter barricaded in the bathroom. At 2:45 a.m. Officer Cornwall reports being relieved by S.W.A.T. team members, yet S.W.A.T. didn’t breech the club until 5:15. When they did, a gunfight ensued, and the shooter was reported dead at 5:53 a.m.

Why did it take three hours for seven cops INSIDE the club and a S.W.A.T. team    2 1/2 hours to put down one shooter? While people inside the club were only feet away on the other side of the wall, calling on cell phones for help, the police and S.W.A.T. teams were told to ‘hold your ground’. It’s the civilian equivalent of “Stand Down.” Cops inside the building from the beginning, who had already exchanged gunfire with the shooter, were told essentially to ‘stand down’. It is unclear whether the gunman killed more people while cops were told to stand by or the damage had already been done.  As the first popping noises were heard, people assumed it was part of the music, or club effects, but it quickly became apparent they were under attack. The DJ stopped the music and shouted into the microphone that there was a shooter and everyone should get out. As the gunman came in the front door and started shooting, at least one off-duty officer

According to the local Orlando Sentinel, the timeline shows that as early as 2:02 a.m., Orlando police had been notified that shots had been fired inside the nightclub.  Assuming it took S.W.A.T. teams roughly the same amount of time to get to the nightclub as it took officers, lets say S.W.A.T. arrives 6-10 minutes later, no later than 2:30 a.m. Remember seven police officers have been inside the building for 22 minutes at this point. So in less than 30 minutes, the shooter had killed 49 people, while being fired upon by officers (presumably), and barricaded himself in a bathroom. The S.W.A.T. team waiting outside for another 2 1/2 hours. Why?

Compare the details of the Orlando shooting with those of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting of 2012. In less than 10 minutes, Adam Lanza walked through the school, shooting 27 people dead. Many or all were shot multiple times. The majority were not shot at close range. From GlobalResearch.ca;”Lanza fired at least three, 30-round magazines with deadly accuracy.

Let me repeat: DEADLY ACCURACY. Two of the people he shot survived.

Let me repeat: TWO SURVIVED.

Watch the news. Pay attention to terror attacks or mass shootings. Note how many WOUNDED there are in relation to how many KILLED. There is a bell curve ratio of injuries to fatalities when you set off a bomb in a crowd or fire bullets randomly into a group of people. Time after time, that ratio is roughly 4 or 5 to 1. In other words, a random attack will leave 75% or 80% of people wounded, and 20-25% dead. How did Adam Lanza walk through a school full of 700-1000 kids, either running or hiding, and shoot 20 of them dead, with multiple shots each, and also kill 7 adults, who have more experience and reasoning?

‘I did seven (autopsies) myself with three to 11 wounds apiece,’ Chief State Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver III said Saturday. ‘Only two were shot at close range. I believe everybody was hit (by bullets) more than once.’ HE BELIEVES. Who looked over the other 20 bodies? Other medical examiners? Where is their eyewitness testimony? The school was fenced off under guard for months, then torn down, before bullet holes in the wall could be counted or a thorough investigation carried out. Compare that to how little interest was shown the aftermath of the 9/11 debris, still molten at 1800º days after the event, hurriedly looked over and then dumped in the ocean after a brief but superficial assessment.

Dr. Carver seemed vague or unaware in his answers regarding the massacre he had just witnesed. From an MSNBC interview:  “Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver provides an update to the media after he and his team examined the victims’ bodies at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown following Friday’s shootings.” In this exchange Carver and State Police drastically change the story on what weapons were used in the shooting, contending that the Bushmaster 223 was the sole weapon Lanza wielded. Carver exhibits an amazing degree of deferral to law enforcement and overall lack of knowledge about the postmortem operation he has just presided over. For example, a reporter asks, “Were [the students] sitting at their desks or were they running away when this happened?” Carver responds, “I’ll let the guys who—the scene guys talk—address that issue. I, uh, obviously I was at the scene. Obviously I’m very experienced in that. But there are people who are, uh, the number one professionals in that. I’ll let them—let that [voice trails off].” Shortly thereafter another reporter asks, “How many boys and how many girls [were killed]?” Carver shakes his head slowly, “I don’t know.” “Medical Examiner: Rifle Primary Weapon Used in Shootings,” MSNBC, December 15, 2012.

1. Bring in the illegals 2. Nationalize them into Dem voters

When Obama and the Dems made such a big deal about bringing all the ‘poor, disadvantaged and neglected’ kids here from war-ravaged South American countries in 2014, I absolutely knew he would make a move to Nationalize them all, right before the 2016 elections. And here we are, June 24, with Obama taking time out from his golf games and campaigning against guns, to make a big deal of how we should accept these hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants (only 1 in 5 were children, the rest were typically men in their 20’s) into America and make them automatic citizens, helping them ‘come out of the shadows’ and fully participate in the American Dream.

Its laughable to think that any freeloader who came here from Mexico would want to get ‘legal’, lose out on all their government freebies and start paying taxes. What are they losing out on by being illegals? Not much, when America caters to them, more than our own people, using our own people’s taxes. My God, we’re drowning in our own niceness, at a time when America already has 19 Trillion debt and many more in unfunded liabilities. We’re not even paying our own elderly and veterans what they were promised. How can Obama import hundreds of thousands more into the country he so often apologizes for, and heap more debt on the heads of those already here legally? Because the ‘poor, under-served and disadvantaged children’ of Honduras and El Salvador are political pawns, Democrat excuses to import more bodies and turn them into faithful voters with government favors. Mexico prints and distributes leaflets advertising all the goodies illegal immigrants are promised when they land in America. Mexico knows how to keep its productive citizens in-house and pawn off their freeloading refuse onto an overly-altruistic neighbor. How many of them will even want to become legal, Nationalized Americans? Here come the Obama incentives to sign up for nationalization. But I’m sure it will flop, like ObamaCare did, like Cash for Clunkers did, like a dozen stimulus packages did, like ‘5 million shovel-ready jobs’ did. Of course it will flop, because illegal Mexicans are drinking the milk of America, without buying the cow. Why sign up for anything that would risk that? Start paying taxes? PHTPHTPHTPHT!!! Hell no! Life is good for the illegal Mexican, just as is. Obama is going to have to promise some pretty hefty freebies to connive any of them into signing that away.

My Liberal friend Sammy from Oakland, called me IGNORANT, Bigot, racist and unfriended me

It still stings that after 30 years, you would dump me for a couple of comments and a gay joke. If I remember correctly, “You Fag!” was your favorite phrase, accompanied by a punch in the arm or something. Man, how the liberal media has gotten to you. You accuse me of being brainwashed by parents, religion, etc., but think about it, you come out here from California smoking and drinking, screwing, swearing, and atheistic, and still i’m friends with you. I don’t pick up smoking or drinking or any of what you’re doing, I remain apart from that, but still I like you and am your friend.

Later, you get into Bhuddism or something similar. I never once criticize it, question it, or hassle you for your beliefs or push mine on you. The subject of abortion came up, and women’s rights, and I have a strong opinion about that, which I shared. Your opinion is different. Still Im your friend and I like you.

I come out to Oakland, we drive around town, I talk to black people every time I come across them, even asking where they’re selling records at the flea market so I can stop by. I’m in downtown Oakland, eating from Mexican food restaurants and food trucks, I realize 200 years ago, half of California WAS Mexico. We’re in their land, basically, that only changed hands due to legalities of losing a war. I’m digging the local vibe and flavor, never ONCE saying anything derogatory about Mexicans.

At one point, you endorse jacking off to porn, which is hard to hear from my friend, and I strongly disagree with. That remains a concern with me, but its a difference of opinion but still not a reason to disassociate from you. I find it distasteful, but I get it, there are urges, marriages always aren’t a walk in the roses, and…I get it. I feel differently about how to handle that than you, but still I’m your friend and I still like you.

I remember you complaining when you lived here that you felt discriminated against for not being mormon. Still, a 15 year old mormon kid with the mormon-iest parents you could find still chose to be your friend, still liked you even though you did everything mormons aren’t supposed to do. That was my choice. I never even thought about all the stuff you did, although the sex thing was a mystery, and I wondered about that. Other people have come here from california and been my friend, and wondered how I could be so open and non-judgmental. I guess I’m just not, maybe I’m not soaked in the Utah mormon culture enough.

Despite my acceptance of everything you did, still you show little to no acceptance of me or my beliefs. Why is tolerance only expected of me, and it doesn’t come the other way? I still have no idea what I said, other than a gay joke posted on a gay bar FB page I happened across, so I took a poke at em.  other than that I said Sweden is getting raped by Saudi immigrants, and I think if people are going to immigrate here, they should participate and value the country they came to, learn the language to a degree, and be a part of the society they left their own homeland to take part in. and not expect their new country to cater to them in their own language and take taxes from working citizens and give government freebies to illegal immigrants who pay no taxes. It has nothing to do with the color of skin, it has to do with what’s fair. it should be fair for immigrants to become citizens, get jobs, learn the language, and make their lives into something better. many do. also, many don’t, and expect America to just be an extension of Mexico, although with a better economy. Mexico hands out leaflets telling their people to come to America, legal or no, and dump off their unproductive people and handout-grabbers across the border, outlining all the freebies they’ll get on our dime. look it up, its true. Yeah, its tough in a new country, but be prepared to learn some of the language, and how they do things, and pay in like everybody else. That’s FAIR.

Still, I have no idea what specifically I said that set you off. You’ve said and done plenty that should have set me off hundreds of times, yet I never judged or hassled you to change, except that one time in Santa Cruz I pushed you to pray, because you were struggling so much and seemed so troubled, I wanted you to at least try it once. I was a good friend. but never before or since. still, tolerance and compassion are on short supply from SAmmy Capurro, although he preaches it liberally, expects it from others, and even went on a spiritual quest to Thailand. Hm. INstead, SAmmy Capurro calls his friend of 30 years an IGNORANT BIGOT, despite years of evidence to the contrary. Wow. And Sammy Capurro is ready to write off his longtime friend over some comments or beliefs without even caring enough to enlighten his friend or discuss his concerns with him. Wow. When you were upset about your brother, I DROVE out to california to talk to you. that was in ’94. IGNORANT BIGOT, ok, I don’t like homosexuality. I don’t care what people do at home, I think it’s gross, I’m glad I don’t have feelings like that, I don’t understand it. Ive even talked to more than one gay and tried to be friendly, but the conversation always turns to the gay things they want to do to some guy, or their partner, and it makes me sick. I’ve been tolerant, I’m still tolerant, but the media is pushing gay TV shows and the gay agenda in my face, forcing me to accept and ‘celebrate’ gayness, and no matter how much the media tries to tell me its OK, I still find it revolting and there’s fundamentally something wrong with one man sticking his dick in an other mans butt. or a goats butt, or whatever. ABORTION: I think if people screw around and get pregnant, whoopsies happen, passions rage, condoms break, rape happens, (much more in Sweden now). But CHOICE starts with the decision to take off your panties. ChOICE is when you lay down and open those legs, CHOICE is doing it again and again. There is a lot of choice that happens before a pregnancy, the liberal mindset is that sex is inevitable, uncontrollable, and people have no choice to take part in it. There is an abstinence movement in the US, where kids of themselves are deciding they want to do it for the first time with their spouse, and saving themselves and their bodies for that occasion. CHOICE. Can you respect that? my opinion is the first 4 months is plenty of time to get an abortion, there’s no need to let it go 8 or 9 months, when a baby can recognize it’s mother’s voice in the womb, to kill that baby. When it’s a mass of cells, fine, but when it has organs, and a brain, and a beating heart, what do you call that when you take that life? People go to jail for that. Even taking that life after a live birth, who does that? Someone so callous and unfeeling that a life is worthless, their own or anyone else’s. Before bringing a child into their world of poverty, crime, hate and desolation, their last shred of choice could be to not. Personal responsibility. Its necessary to the human condition. Indians were pushed off their land, their way of life destroyed. Now they turn to alcohol so easily now, getting drunk and waiting for a government check-its ruined them. I’ve been through New Mexico, my wife’s foster sister is Navajo, so we hear about it. Still you call me a bigot and ignorant. easy words to sling around. easy to get a mental image from the media and lump me into it. I’m surprised you’d listen to the media’s version of me more than me. that seems pretty ignorant, and bigoted. You sure you want to leave like this?

Earth to Bernie, who’s gonna pay for all your freebies?

Screen shot 2016-03-17 at 11.55.08 AM

With the US already 19 Trillion dollars in debt, doubled under Obama’s care, how can Bernie Sanders promise Trillions more in government freebies? God forbid Socialist China, our debtors and self-proclaimed enemies, call our debt due. All the while building up their own energy infrastructure, military might and economic base, buying gold mines in Africa and oil leases in Venezuela. China proposed in 2012 to keep a standing army in America’s heartland ‘in the event we defaulted on our loan’. They also stated they would like to see America give up her guns. By stationing a standing army in the middle of America, the issue of allowing a foreign army in to ‘repo America’ would already have been overcome. There would be rioting in the streets should the policy be put forth that a Chinese invading army should come ashore to claim American land as repayment. But if they were already here with official permission and armed to the teeth, what could be done? Not much. So in light of the crushing debt America has incurred under a current vengeful president who sympathizes with China and Iran, how can Bernie Sanders propose to pay out more government goodies for everyone when the coffers are full of debt notes? Perhaps we’re not spent into oblivion enough, perhaps Bernie will drive the knife another few inches deeper into Uncle Sam’s heart to finish Obama’s work. A 4th grader could tell you Bernie’s ideas won’t work. How are so many Americans still convinced Bernie should be president in light of the financial impossibility he preaches?

What kind of President do you want your kids to see? A Trump success story or an Obama Failure?

Screen shot 2016-03-08 at 3.53.59 PM

One of the big questions about Trump currently is what kind of President will we expose our kids to? A pompous, foul-mouthed braggart, womanizer and male chauvenist like Trump? What have we shown our kids with Obama? A President who said such gems as, “I DID inhale,” “If I had a son, he’d look like Treyvon” or “The Buck stops with YOU.” The latest Obama-ism to be added to the list is this statement made in his final State of the Union address given January 12, 2016.   “A President with the gifts of Lincoln or Roosevelt might have better bridged the divide.”- speaking of the animosity between Republicans and Democrats. It was an issue he promised to reconcile when he ran for President in 2008. During that campaign, Obama promised to ‘reach across the aisle,’ bridging gaps between rich and poor, black and white, Republicans and Democrats. That promise was one of the reasons I voted for Obama in 2008. His other two main promises were to end the war in Iraq and fix the economy. Those three issues were the main concerns of the day, and Obama promised to swoop in and provide solutions for all of them. So now where do we find ourselves in 2016, after eight years under his watchful care? With a pile of debt and joblessness almost as large as his pile of excuses. Obama talked big about by-passing Congress using “a phone and a pen”, but for all his bluster, did Obama actually FIX the things he promised he would? No. He essentially weakened this country by laundering billions into the accounts of his friends’ “green energy” companies and Union supporters, opened the borders to terrorists and Ebola, refused to call ISIS what it is and take appropriate action, and then target Tea Party conservative groups for harsh IRS scrutiny, effectively persecuting his dissenters with governmental pressure. Is this the kind of Presidential example we want to hold up to our kids? A future Putin or Mao Tse Tung would be proud to look up to that kind of example, but not an American Freedom Fighter, not a Reagan or Eisenhower. America down’t want to look to a “can’t-do” finger-pointer like Obama who whined at every juncture about having his hands tied by every force in the world when he was THE most powerful man in the world for 8 years. Remember Obama GOT everything he asked for during his first four years, backed by a Democrat-majority House and Senate. Obama spent those years plunging America into seven Trillion dollars of debt on top of the nine Trillion accrued by George Bush, which Obama decried as “Unpatriotic and Unamerican.” Obama then masterminded Bush’s recession into something closer to the 1930’s depression, which still looms over America 10 years later. Obama’s constant assurances of our strong economy and national strength and security are not borne out by the facts, which are that America’s credit standing with the world has been downgraded during Obama’s watch; that the US Dollar has been dropped as the world currency; that ISIS has grown to become as powerful and dangerous as the NAZIs; that the National Debt has DOUBLED from astronomical amounts to sit-down-and-cry insanity amounts. There are more people on food stamps and welfare, more joblessness (remember “5 Million Shovel-Ready Jobs?”), more businesses closed up than when Obama started in 2008. All of this has happened under Obama’s watch, while he insisted that ATM’s were to blame for taking American jobs away, and that inflating our tires to the proper pressure would reduce greenhouse gases. During all that, Obama has played more than 200 games of golf, when he criticized Bush for playing 45 during his eight years. The Obamas spent 1.2 Billion dollars on their vacations and parties in 2013, when the entire Royal Family of Britain spent 53 Million. This is the guy we want to point to as some great leader for our kids to look up to? The first US President who refused to salute the flag so many of our fathers and grandfathers DIED for? The first US President who made it his first order of business in 2008 to tour the World apologizing for the United States? That guy? What President HASN’T been a foul-mouthed womanizer? Bill Clinton, Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon, Roosevelt – the Oval Office has housed almost as many scoundrels as heroes. The rest were filler with the exception of a few standouts like Eisenhower and Reagan, who were non-the-less hated for their conservative approach. Yet the foul-mouthed womanizers are remembered as heroes because the nation thrived financially under their watch. If Trump should be voted into the White House, holding him out as a bad example to kids is a weak excuse not to celebrate him as President, when he can fix the issues of border security, economy and jobs. He knows how to make money, get things done, and importantly, how to WIN. What a stark comparison to the self-admittedly weak President we have now in Obama.

Why NOT Trump?

Gay Pride is a Contradiction in Terms

gay old tyme japs

Gay Pride. It’s a contradiction in terms. It was gay men who felt shame that came up with the phrase. Gay marriage is its logical result of gay pride-its crowning achievement. It’s about a man and another man pretending to be a normal couple. It’s also about legitimizing the illegitimate-saying its perfectly fine for two men to stick their penises in each others organs of excrement. That’s what an anus is, its the terminal end of your digestive tract, meant for excreting waste. Where’s the ‘Pride’ in that? Where does your self-worth go when you do that? Don’t call that just another ‘expression of love’. A man cannot ‘love’ another man way he can a woman. He can respect him, he can befriend him, he can even be emotionally close to him. But to consummate a relationship with another man as if he were a woman is an artificial act. Just as a gay pride parade is an absolute mockery of love, gay marriage is a perfection of the perversion. Its laughing at God and nature, which designed men and women to be together physically and emotionally and even mentally. Cut that/splice it/ redefine it. We’re re-writing the definitions now, after eons of human history we have the gall to presume we can re-order society for the moment. For thousands of years gays have been at it, never needing to be called ‘married’. Why now? Their argument was for health insurance coverage. Flimsy excuse, because civil unions already granted them that to an extent. Those provisions could have been strengthened until they equaled that of married couples, and that could have contented them. But they didn’t push for that. They wanted Marriage. And they got it. The argument made by Justice Kennedy, the one man who changed thousands of years of human history’s definition of marriage with a single sentence, “They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.” Think about that. The Supreme Court of the United States spending its time and attention passing a judgement on a concept as nebulous as ‘human dignity’. Forget about equal rights to health insurance. The real issue showed its true face as Justice Kennedy single-handedly re-invented what marriage meant for 330 million Americans. The gall. The nerve. The unbelievable arrogance of that judgment. To think you can legislate your own tailored version of thousands of years of human interaction. Congratulations, America. You finally bent your mind around so far your head got stuck up your backside.

Black Lives Matter, but not all cases are Rodney King

Michael Brown is shot after attacking a cop and wrestling for the cop’s gun, actually shooting the cop in the hand before the teen is shot and killed. For the cop, it’s called fighting for your life. If you’re George Zimmerman, you ask a strange kid walking around your neighborhood what he’s doing. The kid is Treyvon Martin, and he is 6’2″, a football player, and has followed Obama’s example and ‘has inhaled’, he is high, and just robbed a local C-store. Zimmerman’s neighborhood has been the target of other criminal activity lately and he’s trying to do something about it. Treyvon Martin’s Facebook pictures show himself smoking weed, holding a gun and promoting a ‘gangsta’ lifestyle. That night, Zimmerman confronts Martin about being in the neighborhood. Martin takes exception to Zimmerman’s questioning, who soon finds himself flat on his back getting his head pounded on the street by Martin, a druggie, a thief and a ‘gangsta’ wanna-be. Zimmerman draws his gun and shoots Martin. Within days, Zimmerman is already being called a murderer on national media and is already de facto found guilty. Obama even gets into the act, saying nationally, “If I had a son, he’d look like Treyvon.” What was that supposed to accomplish? Of course Zimmerman is to blame because Treyvon is black, and being black is now a free pass to do whatever you want, and everybody else is the criminal. Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Treyvon, John Crawford all chose the non-peaceful path, all resisted arrest, argued with cops, were uncooperative. Michael Brown was a bully and a thug, shown beating up an old man in another Youtube video. John Crawford carried an assault-style pellet gun around Wal Mart aisles while talking on a cell phone. Cops told him to drop it from over 20 feet away. He did not. Watching the Wal Mart surveillance video, it absolutely looks like Crawford is swinging an AR-15. Crawford is startled, drops the gun, is charged by cops, and foolishly scrambles to retrieve the gun. Say you’re the cop. You are called to a Wal Mart because some kid is carrying what looks like an assault rifle. You creep up and peek around the corner and see the kid, casually swinging the rifle around and talking on a cell phone. From the other end of the aisle, you tell him to drop it. He is startled, drops to the floor, losing his grip on the gun. You charge in to subdue him, and the kid goes for the gun again. If he gets it before you get to him, you might not go home to your wife and kids today after work. It’s a pellet gun, but you don’t know that. Wal Mart sells them-Crawford picked it up off the shelf. But you don’t know that. Why does the kid feel a need to scramble to pick up the gun again? What’s in his head? Too many video games? What is he thinking? As a cop, you can’t know any of this. All you can do is tell the kid to drop the gun. When he doesn’t, that puts you in serious immediate danger, as far as you know. The cop could have just shot Crawford where he stood. He didn’t. Crawford falls to the floor, losing the gun, and the cop tries to rush in and grab it. Crawford scrambles to retrieve it first. I believe at that point he was shot. If you’re the cop, the only reason someone goes for their gun when confronted is they’re going to use it on you. So the cop shoots first. Its survival. But if you’re a black ‘gunman’, it’s ‘slaughter’ of another innocent young black man. Eric Garner was a 41 year old father selling cigarettes ‘illegally’ on a New York street corner. He had a long list of minor arrests for doing so. When cops confronted him about it, he argued with them and resisted arrest. What are the cops supposed to do, just walk away? They try to take him in, but he struggles with them. It’s tragic to watch the video, but at any time Garner had the option of settling down and complying and taking his arrest like he should have. He didn’t. Garner could have chosen to work at a car wash, a grocery store, or a Wal Mart. He chose instead to break New York law and sell black market cigarettes, probably without a business license or any other legal requirement to operate a store or act as a vendor. Other businesses up and down the street are legally there and operating lawfully. Eric Garner is not. New York wants to punish smokers by taxing cigarettes sky high. Someone buying them cheaply over their border and selling them for less in the city is circumventing their law. The cops of New York have to enforce this. Eric Garner is 400 lbs. He’s controversial and argumentative. He won’t cease and desist. He also won’t be detained. You’re a New York cop. Your job is to make sure New York’s laws are followed. Eric Garner is not following the law on cigarettes or running a store. Something has to be done. Writing him a ticket won’t do any good, Garner has flaunted the law over 40 times already and has a long string of violations. He doesn’t care. Maybe he’ll care if he has to sit in jail overnight. The problem being if Eric Garner gets a free pass on skipping laws, so does everyone. They have to detain him. He won’t comply. Time to physically do something. One cop jumps on his back and puts him in a chokehold. Other cops put him on the ground. Bystanders accuse cops of ‘slamming his head on the ground’. When a 400 lb. man is tackled, he doesn’t go down lightly. In the video, nobody ‘slams’ Garner’s head on the ground. It looks like it might have hit the ground when he fell. That’s unfortunate. It could have been avoided if Garner had complied with cops, taken the cuffs, and gone downtown. He didn’t. He complains he can’t breathe while in the choke hold. If he can’t breathe, how is he talking? He’s also not panicking or screaming. Usually the result of a choke hold is passing out. That type of restraint was banned in New York several years before and should not have been used, but it is not a fatal hold. Garner later died in a hospital from a heart attack. If the choke hold had been fatal, wouldn’t he have died on the spot? The county coroner declared Garner dead from brain trauma associated with the choke hold. The hospital said it was a heart attack. It wouldn’t have happened if a 400 lb. man hadn’t chosen to struggle against the cops. Each and every time. The common sentiment is young black men don’t get treated fairly in America’s justice system. They are still segregated for police scrutiny and targets for harassment by the system. The deaths of black lawbreakers are not all Rodney King-style cases. King’s case was horrible and unwarranted. King may have been uncooperative, even aggressive toward cops after being pulled over for drunk driving and a high speed chase, but nothing warrants being struck 50 times with billy clubs and boots, long after being subdued on the ground. It was a middle-of-the-night blues-n-badges beat down by a uniformed gang, nothing more. It was years of pent up frustration and maybe some racism coming unglued. But it wasn’t right. If cops wanted to go around ‘executing’ innocent young unarmed black youth, wouldn’t they? The number would be much, much higher. But they don’t. Angry black mobs stoked to riot by their spokespersons and a liberal media kill, burn and loot, victimizing innocent bystanders and shop owners. Isn’t that the very type of injustice what they are protesting? What happened to Rodney King was awful. Cops went to jail for it, as should have been. What happened to these other black boys was entirely in their own hands, and was only brought on by their own stubborness, aggressiveness and attitude.

Democrats save foreign kids and kill ours – Immigration vs. Abortion

When Obama shipped in 4 million kids from South America, he did so with the support of the Liberal media behind him, promote the kindness and caring of the Democrat party in saving kids from poverty and war. When Planned Parenthood uses taxpayer money to tear the limbs and heads off babies and sell their organs, the caring and kindness of the Democrat party is suddenly absent. Not a word. Obama’s administration brought Guatemalan and Honduran kids here and promised them better future while our kids being born here are denied that, instead getting ripped apart and sold. Why is that? Democrats claim to be the racially sensitive party. How insensitive is it that they will cater to foreign Latino kids while supporting the abortion of Black kids? In America, black abortions far outweigh those of other ethnicities. Nationwide, blacks make up 12% of the population, yet they account for 37% of abortions being done. In cities like New York the statistics are double. Kids don’t ask to be in their situation. They don’t ask to be born, or conceived. They don’t HAVE a choice as to where they find themselves. So why do children from far away get preferential treatment and promised a better life while babies born in America get aborted and sold? One group of kids gets ushered into the Land of Promise while the other group of kids has life denied them.

Follow the money and the votes. Disguised as Kindness and Caring.

The four million South American kids that were brought here (by government contracted companies) were dropped off with not much more than a sack lunch. Those kids didn’t travel thousands of miles up through South America by themselves. They were picked up by government contractors and put on trains and buses and shipped here, then dropped off like stray kittens in towns and cities, leaving local authorities to decide how to handle it. Millions of taxpayer dollars-your money, was spent on this push. The mass migration was orchestrated months in advance when the Obama administration put out bids in January for transporting trainloads of people thousands of miles into our country. Liberal news channels said it was to save those kids from war-torn, poverty stricken countries they were unfortunate to have been born in.

Meanwhile African-American abortionist Kermit Gosnell kills tens of thousands of live-born, mostly black babies in his Philadelphia ‘clinic’ by snipping their spinal cords after they are born. After 17 years in business, millionaire Gosnell is finally convicted of three murders and goes to prison. In Philadelphia alone, 36,778 babies were aborted. That’s according to their own Department of Health report. That same year, 115,790 babies were aborted in New York according to CDC statistics, although the Alan Guttmacher Institute survey estimates it was 142,790. How many live babies did Gosnell murder over 17 years? Did ‘Black Lives Matter’ to him? Do you hear about the abortions now, during the inner-city outcry for ‘Black Lives’ mattering?  babies are aborted because mothers can’t take care of them, feed them or pay for them, why bring 4 million new kids into the US from other countries? How mentally twisted is it to claim you’re being fair is it to those kids when the kids born here are killed by the hundreds of thousands? Because Obama and the Democrats need once and future voters. They need a sympathy base they can pander to. Clintons and Gores need a poverty base of voters they can promise to heat the homes of using the Nation’s oil reserves. They need the needy, with hands out, gobbling up government goodies in exchange for votes. Its a way to stay in power. And what do they do once they get in power? promise more free abortions, condoms, and school sex ed programs. How much sense does that Make? Why not now? The wars in those countries haven’t ended, in fact, they’ve been raging for years. Guatemala was a war-torn country in the ’70s. Honduras too. Why all the attention now? The wars continue, more kids are born into poverty and fear there, where is the caring and compassion of the Democratic party now? Why a one-time epidural into a crisis that’s existed for years and will continue to exist long after their attention turns elsewhere? Because Obama and the Democrat party needs minority, low-income voters they can care for, enact policies for, and keep themselves in power with. our borders-where are the shipments now? the wars are still on, poverty still raging, why a one-time mass migration and then nothing more? and no more effort to alleviate suffering down there or not another word. it looks like it was a way to pump 4 million new and future democrat voters into our system. and then here comes efforts to wave citizenship over everyone here. if it was about the precious kids, why stop at 4 million? why aren’t more being brought here every week? where is the outcry to end their guatamalan wars and bring everybody here? or send more help down there.


pair that with the callousness of killing babies right up to and after birth, and then selling their body parts. in the name of “choice” for the mother. How many of those kids were from broken condoms or rape or incest? what percentage of abortions actually were for the reasons commonly given to justify it? few. yet they’ll ship kids in by the millions on one hand, and kill ones we’ve already got, ones that didn’t have a choice to be brought here in a womb, and kill and sell them.

“Stop Outsourcing Poverty” by Protecting our Borders

There was a great dialogue between Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity’s substitute host today regarding Jorge Ramos’ exchange with Donald Trump at a recent press conference. The issue was concerns about our border with Mexico, and Ramos’ bulldozed his way over everyone else at the press conference to make asinine statements and read questions at trump from a printed sheet. As Hannity’s guest host and Ann Coulter discussed this event, the guest host came up with a stellar quote, “Stop outsourcing poverty!” Ann Coulter gave one of her easy laughs and picked up on the idea, restating it with a laugh. “Yeah, we have our own poverty here already, we don’t need to import more!” The gist of their conversation was that until we can take care of the problems we have, its irresponsible to invite more people into this country. That only adds to the headaches we already have, and does a disservice to new immigrants who come here to find resources already stretched thin, budgets exhausted and government services overloaded. Let’s take care of what we have and “Stop Outsourcing Poverty.”

Gay Marriage – Why Now?

Ancient Greece had homosexuality. Ancient Rome did. Early Biblical cities did. More recently, the nineteenth century had its famous homosexuals, Oscar Wilde and Tchaikovsky. They had their clubs, their meeting places and their social circles. They met, mingled and paired up. For thousands of years, homosexuals didn’t need to call their partnerships ‘marriage’. It is in the age of pretzel logic, when Bill Clinton says in court, “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.” It is in the age where Nancy Pelosi states “We need to pass it (ObamaCare) so you can know what’s in it.” It is in the age of loopholes and paper-thin rationale that homosexuals come forward to push for marriage, and get it. Previously, states in America offered civil unions that granted many of the same legal advantages as marriage to homosexual couples. There was a widespread willingness to accommodate homosexual couples by increasing the legal latitude of civil unions. Rather than pushing to strengthen the legal capacity of civil unions to equal that of marriage, homosexual activists and their liberal media pushed instead toward ‘marriage’. A legally equal civil union wasn’t good enough for American homosexuals. The argument homosexuals made for ‘marriage equality’ was a financial one-the transfer of insurance and healthcare benefits. The reality is they never approached the table asking for that. They went straight for marriage, holding up the white flag of ‘legal equality’ which turned into ‘civil rights’. They just didn’t want to be seen as different. They didn’t want to feel weird. And now they want to take your kids on a scouting campout. And you can’t say Boo or you’re a racist. That’s how confusing this whole mess has become. What civil unions don’t grant is a feeling of being normal. And that’s what they’re really after.

eldorado clubScreen shot 2015-08-27 at 11.37.51 AM

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In 1920’s Berlin, the marquis outside the gay Eldorado Club says it all. “Hier ist’s Richtig!” (Here its Right). That implies that in 1920’s Germany, gays were being told that elsewhere it wasn’t right. In the history of Western Christianity, homosexuality has been preached against but tolerated. At some point a homosexual couple walked into a county courthouse and said, “We want to get married,” to which the judge said, “Huh?” It just isn’t done. Then another couple says the same thing. Eventually this picks up steam and the debate becomes “Well, why not?” It’s hard to put a finger on, as was the case against pornography in the ’70s. It’s hard to define what it is or why it shouldn’t be done. The argument for benefits equality was a sham. Homosexual marriage was never about health care and employment insurance benefits. It’s about the question of “Why Not?”  An example: I just watched a M.A.S.H. rerun called “The Ringbanger”, in which Leslie Nielson avoids Frank Burns touching him because he had the impression Frank was gay. There’s a scene from Crocodile Dundee where Mick Dundee grabs the crossdressers crotch to see if he’s a man. Don Knotts played the old landlord on Three’s Company who gave John Ritter suspicious glances. GLAAD will tell you American Media needs to incorporate hefty amounts of ‘equality’ into programming, to counter the negative stereotypes gays have suffered in the media of old. Not the case. Gay shame was never programmed into American society, revulsion of gays or hatred was never conveyed. Mardi Gras has a hefty dose of gayness, to does New Orleans, as does San Francisco, the unofficial ‘Gay Capital’ of the USA. No hatred has been tied to it, maybe a few jokes, but who gets through life without being made fun of? Criticism is part of life, and is necessary to forming your own self-opinion, you either whither or get tougher. The oddness or shame gays apparently feel isn’t from the outside-in, its from the inside-out. A few mild sitcom references hardly warrant the massive effort made in recent years to flood the media with gay-positive messages and the colossal legal battle to change terminology about homosexual unions. ‘Civil’ didn’t bestow the self-respect and sense of social equality that ‘marriage’ did. Homosexuals had to be as well regarded as Heteros, at least on paper, so they could feel justified within themselves. Legal status didn’t matter so much as the personal justification. There was no Tsunami of shame being shoved at them in years past. No horrible public wrongs that needed to be rectified. Whatever they feel is from within themselves. The only authority speaking out against gays is the Bible, which most gays are quick to discount anyway. Gayness is tolerated in many cultures, not condoned, just mainly ignored. Has been for thousands of years. God doesn’t like it, but in the day-to-day, it happens, and nobody says much about it. Except the Bible. Which brings the question, is the ‘eww-yuck’ public opinion gays fight against an artifact of a Christian belief system, or just natural? Recent maps of world-wide acceptance of gay marriage show northern Europe and America as now being mostly gay-friendly, with Germany offering civil unions. The Christian-heavy countries are also the gay-friendly countries now, implying they weren’t in times past. Countries run by Religious crazies still stone you for being gay, mainly extreme Muslims and Russia. So is the ‘Eww-Yuck’ reaction Bible-inflicted or just a natural aversion, favoring a tendency toward natural procreation, with the exceptions being merely tolerated and ignored? That’s how its been for thousands of years, gays do their thing, straights do theirs, gays had legal rights through civil unions, why do they need the term ‘marriage’ applied to them? They need to be told its OK. And they will use the thin veil of an excuse of one guy’s vote in the Supreme Court to do it. Now they’re OK. It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes. Only YOU are the final judge of what’s right and wrong for YOU. You are the one who has to live with it.